The relationship between home designers and clients is a very human one. It is often intense and personal. This is especially true in residential work, where you are helping people express their most fervent dreams and goals.

1 – The home is an extension of who the client is.

The clients’ home is an expression  of who they are. It is an extension of their ego, of the image of themselves they want to project.

The Client/ Designer relationship is special because it is both personal and professional. Clients are like friends; they invite us into their homes, share their stories with us, and help us get to know their lives and families.

We work together on very personal matters. Therefore, clients should feel included in the design process and welcome to contribute their ideas and inspirations.

An online design service cannot provide clients and designers that special rapport; no matter how “smart” the software is.

2 – What are online home design services.

You work on a project online. The client and designer collaborate through floor plans, 3-D renderings, and virtual design boards. The client can view shopping lists and an ordering concierge will purchase all the pieces the client likes.

Not much human or personal touch there…See an example @ Havenly.

3 – Useful online services.

  • Private Pinterest boards

They are a great way to share photos and ideas, and create collections of favorite designs, rooms, furniture, accessories and more.

  • Online payments

According to a study conducted by Capital One, small businesses who accepted digital payments saw increased customer satisfaction of 73%, improved customer service of 69%, and increased sales of 68%. If you can offer your clients a way to pay online, chances are, you’re going to get paid much faster.

  • Home design project management software

There are countless of these products. They basically offer for home designers, project and product management, invoicing, purchase orders and credit card payments. See an example @ MyDoma Studio.

These software are real time saving for both clients and designers.

3 – Conclusion.

It is up to clients to decide of the way they want to deal with their home design projects. What would it be? A digital designer’s eye or a real eye?